No Waste No Hunger: A model for ending world hunger and reduce food waste?

Each year, worldwide, we waste 1 trillion dollars worth of food—enough to feed 2 billion people! Yet 828 million people are living in hunger. This is still a huge problem. A global problem! The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are a set of goals that were agreed upon by all 193 UN member states in 2015. These […]

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Fashion Model Youssef Esawy joins the #NoWasteNoHunger project

Youssef Esawy, a well-known model and fashion content creator joins the #NoWasteNoHunger campaign. The model has more than 3.7M cumulative followers on Instagram and TikTok is passionate to help the Project to remind people about food waste and global hunger issues. Youssef Esawy is a famous TikTok star and Model from the United Kingdom. Youssef […]


15 quick tips for reducing food waste and becoming a Food hero

For many people in the world, food waste has become a habit: buying more food than we need at markets, letting fruits and vegetables spoil at home or taking larger portions than we can eat. These habits put extra strain on our natural resources and damage our environment. When we waste food, we waste the […]

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“No Waste No Hunger” project aims to draw attention on global food waste problem

Annual global food waste is around 1 trillion dollars, which can feed 2 billion people. However, 828 million people are living in hunger. “No Waste No Hunger”, a project that aims to educate people on the global food waste problem and how it can be solved, has just started its mission. Annual global food waste […]

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