“No Waste No Hunger” poster is appeared in a Baku restaurant called “Kitchen Plus”

The “No Waste No Hunger” initiative has spread to Baku, where a local restaurant called “Kitchen Plus” is putting up posters on their tables in support of the campaign.

The posters are designed to help customers understand the importance of reducing food waste and helping those in need. The restaurant hopes that by reminding customers about the problem, they will be more aware of how much waste they create and try to reduce it.

The “No Waste No Hunger” campaign was started by Mediamark Digital Agency. The initiative was started in order to raise awareness about the problem of food waste, as well as encourage people to donate their leftover food to those in need. The campaign also aims to educate people on how they can reduce the amount of waste they create.

Every year, global food waste costs $1 trillion–enough money to feed 2 billion people! The “No Waste No Hunger” aims to educate people about the importance of reducing food waste. The ambassadors from different countries help the Project creators to spread the message to more people. Youssef Esawy, a well-known model and fashion content creator who lives in London, UK, Gulpari Bayramova, a successful Azerbaijani businesswoman, Lauren Sesselmann, an American-born Canadian soccer player and Olympic bronze medalist, and Yohanis Gebreyesus is an international author, and chef already joined the Project.

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